My name is Hey you Tee

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I Love Everything About Waiting Tables Except…

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Black “Hey You”

I Love Everything…Except

You Might be a server if

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Top 10 signs you might get a bad tip

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You might be a server if…

Top 10 signs…

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Choc Brown Crop Dusting

Turf Green “Stoned Server”

My name is Hey you (Pink Girl Fit)

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20% Just a Tip

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Pink Hey You

Pink Hey You

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Shipping is...

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They Run?

Large & are Preshrunk!


Yep, 100%.


Gildan 5.3 oz Heavy Weight.

Made in USA?

Professionally screen printed, in Dallas Texas, to last many years.

Perfect for?

Gifts and Contest Prizes

Don’t procrastinate

our surveys, this is the number one reason our fans don’t get to own a shirt and the always regret it. The ones who do get them…wear them ALOT!

Let your dirty thoughts

be read! For servers by Servers. A true head turner. Perfect for contest prizes. Perfect to get laughs at any restaurant you go in. Fun to wear at any bars there are servers…every bar.

Want to Pick up a cute Waitress?

Get a few smalls and see what happens. Small, Black, Hey You is the number one seller of all time.

Support Server Biz

& You will see more of it. MONEY BACK, anytime. 60,000 Happy Customers can’t be wrong

Do I need a PayPal Account?

 You do Not need a PayPal Account. PayPal allows you to make a purchase as a guest. Just click the orange “Check Out” Button.  Then “Pay with a debit/credit card” link on the next screen. You may contact me if you need help.  I am eager to serve.

They Do NoT GeT ThrowN AwaY

…stolen yes but NEVER trashed :)

Ok, I just have to say…these shirts ROCK!!!

No really…I wore it to work today on my day off and it caused such a commotion that the manager made me leave…customers were starting to look! everyone was literally bent over laughing their heads off. I think one girl was on the floor!

have owned the Black shirt for 3 years

and I wear it all the time…I have people stop me to read it in public. I feel like I am doing my part to educate the no clue having public that sit in my section.

It’s so nice to know that

I’m not the only one that thinks these things

Jason, since the night you came into my work

in St. Louis I have been thinking about these shirts and soooo sorry I did not get one. I am the most excited person that you FINALY started selling them on-line! I’m going to get them ALL! Thanks so much…Amie.

Every Time I wear my “Hey You” T-shirt

which is ALL the time, people stop my at the gym, in school, at Wal-Mart, literally EVERYWHERE and want to read the back. Sometimes I get into conversations because they did not know about tipping 20%. I always feel like I did my part to spread the word. What a product you have.