Schedule Solutions?

I’ve noticed one waitress sent in a schedule of hers in which she was removed from one of the two versions posted.
To segue from that, I saw that the format is almost the same as when I used to work at Domino’s Pizza:
Plain, boring, and looks like a junior high student used Microsoft Excel for the first time to make the schedule.
I roamed the Apple Store and Internet sites on how to find a system to make a schedule better for us servers. Thus far, I’ve only gone as far as creating a better means of sharing the weekly schedule through a private group on Facebook with all coworkers as the only members.
Eventually, the facebook group has officially replaced the actual system our former boss paid to send our individual schedule to our phone.
What I’m hoping for ask you or your fans/audience, is there an app out there or format to use to make better our schedule rather than just a two bit rate, Excel format schedule?
Many thanks,
Your neighborhood waiter.