Obey Liquor Laws= Get Stiffed.

I work in a bar connected to a hotel. With this we have a lot of problems with costumers trying to bring in their own alcohol. I had a table of 12 and they were all having a great time. At one point I notice a can select on the table. I knew we did not sell these when the guy paying for the tab realized I saw it he said oh don’t worry about it we will give you a great tip. I grab a bouncer knowing how it isn’t fair to bringing in our own liquor and its illegal. Our bouncer was willing to let them pour it in a Togo cup and they said no it will be alright. They continue to give me crap for telling on them. When he received his tap (which I put gratuity on) he talked amongst his party that I had done that and stiff me on the $80.00 all liquor tab and continue to write I shouldn’t tell the 40 year old that was paying the tab to throw away a half a can of beer.