Who are you?

Server Thoughts! The only Company who serves Servers!

What can you do for me?

We help you express those dirty little thoughts that you are not supposed to say out loud at work.

Why Should I order a shirt?

A. all your co-workers will be jealous of your shirt.

B. People will stop you everywhere you go and ask to read the back. (Educating the public)

C. You will wear it for years…even if you get out of the biz. (Special place in your heart forever)

D. You get the FREE e-book that WILL drastically increase your income.

E. You are LOSING MONEY by not knowing the information in the e-book.

F. You support your family (Servers)…who are supporting you!

Can I wear these T-shirts to wear at work?

These T- shirts are novelty items and we do not recommend wearing them to work…but if you do, shoot me a pic.

Why was Server Thoughts created?

Because before us only drug dealers and bartenders served servers. In other words…no other company in the world cares about/knows servers like we do!

Do these Shirts Shrink?

They are preshrunk but do shrink slightly.

How do they Fit?

They run on the large side (the Pink shirt does not run large).

Men’s sizes?

Unisex (Pink is girly cut)

What size should I get?

Click here to learn about sizes.

100% cotton?


Are these the cheap iron on stuff that wears out fast?

NO, these are high quality, screen printed, and last for years.

How fast do you ship?

Most of the time, within one business day.

Money back offer?

Yes, if you ever decide to send your shirt back, any reason anytime, no questions asked, you get your money back…even if you wore it out :) in other words we are soooooo sure you will love your shirt and wear it everywhere, we stand behind it…and always YOU!

Site safe to order from?

All of our payments are done through Paypal…however you DO NOT have to have a Paypal account. Just choose “Checkout” and it will walk you through it…if you get lost just call/text me…214-725-8214

I am getting confused trying to order a shirt…Im about to give up…will you help?

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!….PLEASE CALL…OR TEXT ME 214-725-8214 I will get on-line and do it for you if I have to…it is very important to me to serve you in any way I can.

Will you barter?

YES, we love to barter….we have traded for many chain gift cards. Text me any barter offer, You will be shocked at what I am willing to trade for.

Did you ever wait tables?

Waaaaaaayyy to long!

How did you think of this?

Back in 2005, a buddy of mine was making a similar shirt for cops… I had an “Ah ha” moment. He sold 1,000 ish of his shirt and I sold 60,000 and counting of mine…lol

Is it true, you drove across country selling your shirts out of your truck?

lol who told you that? Yes, its true. I put a quarter million miles on my truck, drove from Miami to Seattle and everywhere in between showing these shirts to servers. I met 250,000 servers IN PERSON. In fact we just started selling them on-line a short while ago. For years you could not even get them on-line. I believe soooo much in our product I took it to the streets. In the process we built a grass roots following that is alive and well like never before. We get e-mails daily. Can you tell I love Servers????

Are you that big, tall dude that came into my restaurant in _______ city?


Can I send you a text just to say hi/thanks?

Sure, we get them ALL the time and love it. (we love to see those orders come through even more :))

Can I suggest a design for a t-shirt?

Yes, simply go to the contact us page and enter your idea, if we choose to use your shirt, we will pay you $100 for it plus a FREE shirt!

I still have a question that’s not here..now what?

Go to the “contact” page. I promise we are humans here and actually get your messages and respond. you may even text my cell 214-725-8214. In fact please shoot me a line. I get bored here packing up orders all day. I love texting back in forth with customers. Above all remember my job is to SERVE YOU! Serving servers is SUCH a HUGE honor and we never take it lightly :)