Why do I LOVE servers?

Because (to sum it up in one phrase)….”They friggin rock”!!!!

No really, servers as a culture are really wonderful people…full of life, passionate, generous, laid back, loads of energy, sharp minds, trusting of each other, playful, know how to have fun.

In order to be a server you have to think on your feet and have personality. You are constantly seeing the worst of humanity and are naturally disgusted and tend to go far the other direction.

Servers are generally VERY polite. You probably won’t hear them yelling at a customer service rep, just for doing their job…they have been on the receiving end of that garbage and believe in “the golden rule”.

Servers take care of each other. They vibe in a way that other servers can feel them. If you are waiting on a server, you can tell. There is just something about how they look you in the eye, smile, say please and thank you, stack their dishes as a gesture of helpfulness….and above all treat you like a human. I know it may sound weird to a “regular person” but servers know what I mean.

Servers, by nature, are a culture of COOL. Yes, I do declare they are absolutely COOL! I mean after all, when you are laid back, fun to be around, 10 pm is your 5 pm, tip outrageously, pay in cash and sleep till noon on a weekday….who would not love to be around you???

Servers, I salute you! I say thank you! I admire you! I think you are marvelous! I think you are GREAT! I think you are cool! We are friends! We are family!

I give you a huge thanks for supporting my little accidental business and trusting me to serve you over the years. I thank you for allowing me the great honor of knowing you. I thank you for the e-mails, phone calls and texts that pour in. I have met more servers than any human on the planet…around 250,000 of you (us)…I know you! I am you! I get you! I’m hear to tell you that all servers across this country are just like you…at least in the important stuff! From Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between.

I could gush over servers all day long….no really. I will spare you. I just felt moved to inspire you to keep that passion, the hunger not to be “one of them”, the fire inside of your soul that makes you oh so great!

Your friend,


Disclaimer: I know there are a few servers on this planet that do not deserve that praise and compliments I dished out so lavishly…but since they are the very, very small minority, I felt it acceptable to speak about “all servers”.