Ten Ways to Make Your Server Hate You

mad serverI’ve worked in a restaurant for seven months now. You may have several complaints about us, but we have some complaints about you.

1- Complaining about your last visit to me. What happened during your last visit is not your my fault. If your food came out wrong, took too long, or any other amount of errors. Please keep an open mind that each experience has the opportunity to be better, and I want this one to be better.

2- Being in a bad mood Anything that contributed to your bad mood, up to the me greeting you, is not my fault. Please do not take out your anger on your me. I’m a human, too.

3- Not tipping me Most servers make less than $3.00 an hour. We live off of tips. Errors regarding food and drink should not be reflected on the tip. Our paychecks are usually not worth cashing, and we must make ends meet. Unless the server themselves were awful, 15% is a great gratuity to start at.

4- Being mean to me Refer to #2. I’m human, too. If you’re mean to us, we won’t want to give you our best service and we will hide from you.

5- Hitting on me If you are hitting on me and making me uncomfortable, I will not like you. I go to my manager if I’m uncomfortable. Once again… I’m human, too. How would you like it if someone hit on you even if you didn’t like it, and there wasn’t much you could do?

6- Having too rowdy of children Yes, I realize it is easier to bring your children out to eat, but if you can not control them and their manners, I will avoid your table. Crackers are messy, and I have to clean up that mess.

7- Taking out your bad mood on me Yes, I feel bad that you’ve had a long day. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling up to par. Yelling at me will not make your day any better. I can offer you great service and a beer, not my spirit. If you yell at us, we (most females) will more than likely cry. Please keep that in mind.

8- Complaining to the manager after you told me you are okay I am your server. I am here to make sure everything is okay. If I, myself, cannot fix it, I will go to my manager, and they will fix it. I feel lied to when you tell me you’re okay, and then go behind my back. Please let me help; it’s my job.

9- Talking on the phone I can’t communicate with you if you’re on the phone the entire time. It’s rude to us and the person on the other line.

10- Not treating us like humans I have said this time and time again, and I mean it. Your servers have long days, too. They have bills, too. They have stress, too. I have family problems, too. I’ve seen it time and time again that myself and my coworkers do not get treated like humans.

Thanks for reading. Audrey