Tips From a customer

We are always talking about server being in the right, customers taking advantage of us, 20% service charge, and in general it is kind of one sided. I think that if we expect certain things, the customer should expect certain things as well. This is a two way street. Here is an E-Mail I received from a person. I think she makes a few good points (although most of them are obvious points). I would not say I agree with everything she says, in fact several of them I completely disagree with, but decided to share her comments with you.


1. Always provide water in addition to drinks. You shouldn’t expect the customer to ask for this
2. Bring extra napkins to the table.
3. If the kitchen is slow, apologize to the customer and update them. Don’t just leave them and arrive 45 min later blaming the kitchen. Provide additional bread or snacks in the meanwhile
4. Think about what customers want before they ask for it. Provide the pepper shaker, condiments, extra sauce, chips etc.
5. Don’t provide poor service because the customer split an item or ordered less. They may order more food next time or provide a good tip in addition to what they might owe
6. Don’t discriminate against customers based on past experience. If you treat them like they will tip poorly, they are GUARANTEED to do so!
7. Smile! You don’t have to be Jay Leno but be friendly. You don’t have a right to take out your frustration out on a customer. Wrong business pal!
8. Take the food to the back and package it. Don’t throw boxes on the table and expect the customers to do it. It’s your job, don’t be lazy
9. If someone is a vegetarian then start thinking about meat or animal products in various food items. Vegetarians don’t want that. Think about their needs instead of your next table
10. Check up on customers frequently so they don’t have to shout out your name,waive their hand or ask another server to track you down
11. If you mess up, simply say SORRY! Customers are forgiving but no one likes an arrogant and defensive waiter. We are human so level with us instead of acting like you are impervious to mistakes.