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Yeah, I was at one time in the 99% also…and I know exactly what it’s like walking with less than $150 after a double…and wanting to punch a table in the lip just for asking a question…but thats another story for another day.   I also know what its like to love my guests because they are valued regulars and I consider them friends and at the same time I’m walking with 25%- 30%+ of sales!  How could this be true? Simple actually…I have studied human behavior for the past 13 years. No…not manipulation…but sound principles on why people do what they do, eat where they eat, think how they think, and tip what they tip.

WOULD YOU CARE TO KNOW THE REAL REASON GUESTS LEAVE ENORMOUS TIPS…even in a “bad” economy? (I will give you a hint…it’s not because you drop the food so well)

want to know how to get your section flooded with regulars that you love so there is not room left for people making their own lemonade…at least not in your section?

99% of servers can/will increase their income by at least 20% implementing a few simple strategies.   PROVEN, SIMPLE PRINCIPALS that apply to every demographic, culture, and class of people….without fail!

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  •  How to separate yourself from any server your tables have ever met with 1 trick that anyone can do.
  • The real reason why people leave LARGE TIP$, even in a bad economy.
  • How to sell more food, drinks and Gift cards without being annoying. 
  •  How to get the best tipping customers to come back and request YOU!
  • The top things most servers do and say every SHIFT that are killing their tips.

  You WILL earn more working anywhere from Chili’s to Fine Dining! Plus amazing tips and tricks such as: How to get…

  1. a camping table to leave. (no, not by crop dusting them)
  2. promoted to manager quickly, if that’s your goal.
  3. servers from other restaurants to sit in your section. (no, not free weed)
  4. dramatically more people to leave extra money on top of the grat.
  5. gain favor from the host stand (no, not by “dating” her).

What is a 20%+ pay increase worth? No really…think about it!

Would it be worth $1,500? How about $1,000? How about $500?  If you really knew what it would do for your income, you would happily pay ANYTHING!  I charge restaurant owners $2,000 to teach this exact same information to their waitstaff…I just do it in person!



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