Hey customers, this is for you. When you go out to eat, the Server has a set of guidelines that they must follow when they are waiting on you. A lot of you don’t know this, but you have some guidelines as well. When you follow these simple steps, you actually will receive better service because you are speaking your Server’s love language; therefore, they will then be eager to please you.

1. NEVER leave less than 20% tip. I don’t care what your “reason” may be, less than 20% is never acceptable. Remember, just because someone makes a mistake does not mean they should not get paid, or they should be paid less. Tips are all your server sees. Please be aware. It is not your job to “punish” your server.

2. Be nice, smile, and say “please” and “thank you” for everything. It’s never okay to act like a meanie.


3. Learn to do simple math. Splitting checks can put a Server in the weeds faster than anything. So please just be aware. This does not mean that it’s never OK to split your check. It means please understand if you can get by without it please do. If you can’t, please understand it will take a bit longer.

4. Before you ask, please read the menu. Most of your answers are already there for you.

5. Remember, you’re not the only table in the restaurant, consolidating your requests is appreciated.

6. Make an effort to learn your Server’s name, this way when you need something, you won’t have to snap, whistle, wave, or call us “hey you.” This is assuming that the server told you his or her name, which most of the time they do.

7. When you are finished eating, please leave within 15 minutes. We need these tables, especially when we are busy. By staying at the table, you’re costing us money, so please just be courteous.

8. Please control your kids. When they dump out our neatly arranged sugars, we have to re-do it. When they throw food all over the place, we have to sweep it. When they run around the restaurant, we have to dodge them, which is a real safety issue and could be dangerous.

9. If you have a problem with your food, please tell us before you eat it. Taking food back is not a big deal, we want to help you, but when you ate the entire thing, it’s tough to believe you don’t like it. So when we ask, “how is everything”, just tell us.

10. If you come in to eat five minutes until close, take 20 minutes to order, sit for 30 minutes after you are done eating and end up leaving an hour and a half after close and think you are taking care of us by leaving 15%, we have an issue. Please be considerate. Be aware that we are closed. Look around, you are the only one here.

The moral to the story is just be considerate and remember the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

  Server T’s That Please